Why Do Dogs Drink Their Own Pee? (Find Out Why!)

Why do dogs drink their own pee

It’s no secret that your canine companion can do some pretty quirky things–from burying bones to licking underwear. But, one habit might make you scratch your head and gag at the same time–when dogs drink their own pee. 

Dogs drink their own pee for several reasons ranging from behavioral as well as potential medical issues. Physical issues could include dehydration, a lack of nutrients in their diet, or even more serious problems like Cushing’s Disease. However, drinking their own pee could be a learned behavior, or your pup’s covering up that they urinated in the house.

If your dog’s drinking their own urine, your first step should be consulting with your vet. It’s imperative to rule out any serious medical issues first in case your dog needs special treatment. If everything checks out, then you can move on to investigating potential behavioral or psychological reasons.

6 Reasons Dogs Drink Their Own Pee

Familiarizing yourself with the possible reasons for your dog’s pee-drinking habit can help you find an optimal solution. In the animal world, there are certain behaviors that you may not understand. While we love our pets they do have some gross, instinctual characteristics.

Your dog cannot communicate verbally about their needs or if they feel ill. Therefore, they find other ways to talk to us and often rely solely on body language. Drinking their own pee can be a way of telling you what they need.

Dogs Drink Pee Because They Lack Nutrients In Their Diet

Dogs do strange things when they lack nutrients in their diet. Chewing on cardboard, eating grass, and, of course, dogs drinking their own pee can be a sign of nutritional deficit. Although dog food claims to have all the necessary vitamins and minerals your dog needs, it could be lacking.

Your dog’s body will crave certain things and, in turn, make them do things out of the ordinary.  By watching your dog and recognizing odd behavior, you might find that you should adjust their diet. It’s always good to do your research to find out all the necessary nutrients before your dog starts drinking their pee.

Dogs Drink Their Own Pee Due To Dehydration

One of the more common and most likely reasons your dog is drinking their pee is an insufficient water source. Dogs drink a lot during the day, and if they lack water, they look for the next best thing. Their urine is a source of liquid that may quench their thirst.

Experts say that dogs should be drinking about one ounce of water for every pound they weigh. Licking their pee means your dog needs constant hydration. Though gross to us, your dog is trying to tell you something; they need more water.

Dogs That Drink Their Own Pee Might Have Underlying Medical Issues

Sometimes if your dog has an underlying health issue, they can only tell you by certain habits. Diabetes in dogs is discovered if they drink water and look for other ways to quench their excessive thirst. You may think it’s mere thirst when your dog drinks their pee, but your pup may need vet care.

Cushing’s and kidney disease are other problems that cause your dog to drink excessive amounts of water. If you think that drinking pee is normal, this behavior may mean your dog suffers from the disease. Cushing’s and kidney disease need a vet’s care and medicine, which means a doggy doctor trip is in your future.

Drinking Pee Might Be A Learned Behavior

Sometimes drinking their urine is not a health issue or anything serious; it may be a learned behavior. Dogs learn everything from their parents and by instinct. If a mother dog licked or cleaned her puppies, along with their urine, the puppies might have learned it too.

Another reason is your dog might have suffered neglect as a puppy, which means limited food and water. If dogs are born in a puppy mill or found in the wild, drinking their urine might be a survival tactic. Consulting with your vet may be necessary to find steps to help your pet live a happier, healthier life.

Dogs Drink Pee To Hide Their Mistake

Peeing inside is a behavior that is redirected during potty training in the younger months. Dogs have a way of, especially when they are young, hiding lousy behavior. Whether burying a chewed shoe or drinking their pee inside, they try to hide their mistake.

Despite being trained, every dog is capable of having a mishap inside. To not get reprimanded or receive negative feedback, your dog may try to hide an accident. Licking up and drinking urine is your dog’s way to avoid punishment.

If your dog is licking their pee, it may just be a stage. Your dog will eventually grow out of licking pee to avoid punishment. 

When dogs learn someone will let them out, their habit is likely to fade, or you’ll train it away in time. Constant positive reinforcement and time management are vital to helping your dog be successful.

Dogs Drink Pee To Keep Their Spot Clean

You might not think your pup is the cleanest canine, but believe it or not, dogs like their space clean. Maybe this is why dogs also love soap so much. They love to be and feel clean, and peeing in their crate makes them upset as much as you.

If your dog has an accident in their crate or living area, they may clean it up. Even though this is a gross concept, this is a behavior your dog learns to maintain cleanliness. Licking up pee is a way to be safe and dry.

Because mother dogs clean the feces and pee of their young, your dog adopts this behavior too. Even though dogs like to roll in smelly spots, they do not intend to have a wet and smelly crate. Keeping it clean is their top priority, so they don’t have a messy place to sleep.

When Dogs Drink Their Own Pee, Can It Hurt Them?

You would think lapping up their urine might cause your pup some unpleasant side effects. But it does nothing to their health. Dog’s bodies sterilize the urine before it passes through, and it is safe for consumption.

Although it should not be encouraged, it is usually a tactic for dogs to sense their hormones or health. Licking their pee is an instinctual behavior that a dog does to monitor their health along with their littermates.

How Do You Stop Your Dog From Drinking Their Pee?

How to stop your dog from licking their pee will require training and lots of positive reinforcement. Being consistent with potty breaks and positive praise is beneficial. Your dog wants nothing more than to please you, so high-tone praise is what they crave.

Bribery is not necessarily frowned upon in most cases. Giving treats for positive behavior is a way to get the attention of your dog. Your dog will do backflips for a snack and forget about licking their pee.

Being patient and constantly trying to help your dog be successful can be the hardest bit. It can be frustrating not seeing progress when you want it, but it does take time. It is easy to give up, but helping your dog not lick pee is better for you.

Related Questions

Why does my dog eat their poop or another dog’s poop?

Dogs can eat their poop due to nutritional deficiencies in their diet. You may see your dog eating their own or other dogs’ poop to compensate for the lack of nutrients. They may even be neglecting to create enough digestive enzymes, which encourages poop eating.

Besides health issues, your dog may just be craving warm fresh food. Is it gross? Yes, but try changing your dog’s diet to fulfill their cravings and needs.

Sometimes puppies do it to test and try their surroundings. They nibble and bite on different textures to explore their environment. Supervising your dog will prevent poop eating at home and out on walks.

What do I do if my dog drinks out of the toilet?

Dogs drink and eat all unusual things, and drinking from the toilet may be their favorite thing. A bathroom smells different and sometimes enticing to a dog; they want to taste it. Your dog is not picky and will even drink out of a puddle outside.

If their water bowl is constantly running dry, they look for other water sources, which means urine or toilets. The toilet water is cool and refreshing and has a constant supply. Some dogs even prefer having water raised to their level rather than a bowl on the floor.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Grass has a lot of nutritional value for your pets. To see your dog eating grass may mean they like the taste and value of grass. Certain grasses and plants have medicinal purposes for your dog.

Sometimes, if your dog goes right outside and chews on grass, your dog may be sick. If a dog feels the need to vomit, the grass is a natural throw-up inducer. Dogs know this by instinct and will eat so much till they vomit it up.

Grass can be harmful to your dog, especially if you spray it with pesticides or fertilizer. If your dog ingests too much, it can cause health issues and mean a visit to your vet. Be careful not to let your dog eat grass in unknown yards or those that have chemicals.

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