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Are Dobermans Good With Cats? (Find Out Now!)

Are Dobermans Good With Cats? (Find Out Now!)

There is no straight right or wrong answer when it comes to dogs liking cats. Each Doberman Pinscher is unique, just like each cat is unique.

Having a Doberman and a cat can be a bit of an undertaking but worth it if they get along. 

Dobermans are a good breed of dog and can behave with their feline housemate with proper direction.

Dobermans need to have an appropriate introduction, training, conditioning, and time to adjust to your cat.

To make your Doberman well-behaved with your cat, research and knowledge are important tools.

Cats and dogs are notorious and often made fun of for their constant badgering and fighting. In reality, plenty of dogs and cats get along.

Dobermans are better dogs for it because of their nature and intelligence.

Why Are Dobermans Good With Cats?

doberman-runningThe Doberman breed is known for its precise sense of smell and protective instinct. They can look fierce with cropped ears, short coats, and sleek bodies built for running, but they can be sweethearts.

However, they can tend to chase after smaller critters which makes them a bit intense.

With proper training, your Doberman can learn how to behave and act as expected of them. Their demeanor may be gentle, but their intelligence is advanced.

With a Doberman, like any dog, it may be a learning process to live peacefully with a cat.

With a cat in the house, you can bet that your Doberman will be just as protective over them. Even though they may chase them from time to time, Dobermans can learn to love any animal.

Cats, though stubborn, can also get along with their friendly canine with a little bit of help. 

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How To Match A Doberman With A Cat

pet-catCommonly, most people will get a puppy and kitten combination. In raising a young duo, they can adjust and grow. Being raised together can help them to bond and make them equal in the household.

When picking out your Doberman, you need to make sure that your dog has been raised and introduced to cats.

Knowing this, you can adjust your new dog to your cat companion easily. But you will need to make sure there is a safe environment for each pet, where they are comfortable.

In assessing how your dog and cat feel, you can decide when enough is enough. In finding a reputable breeder or shelter, you can ensure that you find a good, well-rounded Doberman.

Finding the right cat can be just as crucial, and introducing them to their canine sibling can be a challenge.

Introducing Your Doberman And Cat

doberman-on-fieldIt is important to introduce your dog and cat in stages. It can be a challenge to keep them in separate cages or rooms, but it is necessary.

By letting them see and smell each other, it becomes easier to introduce them as members of your household.

Introducing your Doberman to your cat in steps can ensure that they work well together. The introduction should begin from day one and be an ongoing process.

Some techniques to achieve harmony are to use a gate first, then face-to-face, and finally, roaming together.

The Gate Technique

doberman-puppyPuppies and kittens may spend quite a bit of time in their crates at first. This is the best place for them to see, smell and adjust to each other.

Doberman puppies have a great sense of smell which helps them determine if the cat is a friend or foe. 

Allowing them to be in their crate, close but not touching, they can acclimate to each other. They will share their noises, movements, and scents as they adjust to their new home.

This can be a safety step that assures they are all comfortable and tolerant of each other. 

After they have adjusted to each other’s scent, you can let them get a bit closer.

With your Doberman on one side and your cat on the other, a gate is a good meet and greet. Through the gate, they can sense and monitor each other.

Face To Face Contact

doberman-in-gardenOnce your Doberman seems to adjust to its new home and companion, then you can let them roam free. Just be sure to be in the room with them to ensure they don’t exhibit any random behavior.

Dogs can still be unpredictable; the same goes for your cat.

Dobermans, like all dogs, thrive off of praise. During their first interaction and almost all after, praise is key to developing a good bond between cat and dog.

Not all Dobermans require the steps because some are just gentle by nature.

If either animal displays any harmful contact, you must act quickly. You should remove both animals from the situation and place them in a safe place.

Separate them for a time will help, but be sure to reintroduce them slowly and supervised.

Room To Roam Free

If there seems to be no animosity between them, they should be free to roam. The most likely scenario will be that they avoid each other most of the time.

Dobermans and cats can live quite harmoniously by just reading each one the right way.

Once they can roam free in your house, make sure they have an escape from each other. There may come a time when they do have a run-in and need a place of quiet.

They will both need a cage, bed, or peaceful place away from each other to calm down.

How Is Your Doberman As A Puppy?

doberman-puppySometimes knowing and having all the research is best. As stated before, Dobermans are a gentle breed that can be quite fierce.

Cats and Dobermans can be good companions for each other if raised together correctly.

Breeding has a lot to do with the Doberman you choose, and traits are passed down from litter to litter. If your puppy is gentle and sweet, then the adult version will likely be the same.

It is more common that your dog will accept their cat companion, and you will see they are perfect together.

Related Questions

Are Dobermans aggressive?

Many once considered Dobermans as aggressive guard dogs that were used solely for police work. They have a reputation for the way they look, being intimidating and rough.

Although the Doberman breed is often associated with security, much like the German Shepherd, they can be quite gentle.

They are an intelligent and elegant breed that has aggressive tendencies but is incredibly loyal.

Dobermans are extremely devoted to their humans and family pets. They will die to protect those that matter most to them.

Should cats and dogs live together?

Typically people seem to lean to one side or the other. Most people are either dog people or cat people, and many people assume you can’t have both under one roof.

However, with the right preparation and patience, cats can coexist with dogs with little to no problems at all.

It is often said when you raise dogs and cats together, they can live in perfect harmony.

Therefore, if you want a cat and a dog in your family, consider getting them as a puppy and a kitten. This gives you a perfect chance to introduce your young pets and work on a peaceful coexistence with them.

They can both learn to play, cuddle, and even eat together while they live out their years in peace. 

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Can dogs and cats communicate with each other?

Even though both have their unique way of communicating, dogs and cats can understand one another. Even though they communicate differently, they can use body language to talk to each other.

A cat will hiss, swat, and arch their back if they feel agitated at its canine companion. When cats do this, your dog picks up that your cat is upset and reacts accordingly.

A dog can bark, growl, or paw at your cat to get their attention or to show frustration.

You may even see the two buddies lying together. Head nudging and licking are sure signs of communication that they like each other.

You may find that they get along better with each other than you initially thought.

Final Thoughts On Dobermans And Cats


Doberman Pinschers are an intelligent breed and, with proper instruction, can be a good family dog. It is an athletic dog that can be a good hunter but is sweet enough to lick your legs after a long day.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether your Doberman and cat will get along.

With Dobermans and cats, it is only fair to say that each has its unique personality. Their personalities can either make for an easy transition or a difficult one.

To help your pets get along, proceed slowly and observe them closely.

Though Dobermans have a reputation for tracking and hunting, they are loyal, sweet-natured dogs. You can bet that by introducing your dog and cat properly, they will be friends forever.

Dobermans are man’s best friends, and they can be the same to your cat.

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