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Why Are Cats Attracted To Me? (Find Out Now!)

Why Are Cats Attracted To Me? (Find Out Now!)

Cats are as individual as the people who own them (or do the cats own the people?). Does your cat like you? Cats might be great at picking out purrfect pet parents.

Cats are attracted to you because you provide a lot of things to your feline friend. As a human, you’re a source of food, shelter, entertainment, and a warm lap for your cat.

You might smell nice to them or play with them consistently, providing them with plenty of exploring the room.

While the science isn’t there with specifics just yet, there are theories about your cat’s attraction to you.

It appears to be mostly about your own treatment of them, and in some ways, they mirror your affection. Cats’ personalities can show through, but their antics and behaviors aren’t always understood. 

Cats Are Misunderstood 

cats-playingOur feline companions get a lot of hate in the media. They are rather fond of people–we’re still figuring out how their minds work. More research has been done on dog behavior and human bonding. 

Some people appear to be “cat people simply.” Animals are more approachable, friendlier, and decidedly good at picking up on your vibes (more or less). 

Why does a loafed (paws tucked under) cat sometimes stare at you? They’re trying to figure out how you feel.

They rely on you for comfort, sustenance, cuddles, grooming, and playtime. If you comply with their needs, it’s far more likely they’ll return the favor–in their way. 

Perhaps they’ll do so by sleeping on your head or some extra head-butting. In other words, cats aren’t as stoic as people might think.

Why Are Cats Attracted To You?

cat-with-meCats often choose human interaction between food, humans, toys, and scent. There are a variety of articles stating that cats usually prefer their people to food

That’s a whole lot of love. Knowing what your cat enjoys will help them gain more affection for you. 

They tend to enjoy having a calm environment, a routine, and plenty of playtimes. Giving your cat affection will most often make you a favorite of theirs.

Cats Have Personal Preferences

Some cats prefer one person over another, and studies suggest a person will be female. Women have been found to talk to their cats more often than men, interacting with them regularly.

Possibly, it could be the natural nurturing a woman may feel–similar to a mother and baby bond.

While not always true, the tendency for cats’ preference for ladies has been consistent. Your affection towards them is the primary reason they return the favor.

Cats can absolutely have favorites. It appears that it’s usually the one who feeds them and peppers them with compliments. 

Cats Like Your Scent

cat-like-scentA cat’s nose has anywhere from 45-80 (up to 200!) million olfactory sensors. Compared to the human’s 5 million, that’s a huge difference.

If you smell nice to them, you will more than likely feel the love literally. For example: rubbing against your legs or head-butting. 

They can smell their own scent on you and know you are theirs; it’s a territorial marker, after all. It can also be calming to any anxiety they may have.

Familiarity breeds content, and a cat is very much a creature of habit.

Ever wondered why a cat likes to lay on your shirts? It’s not because they want to get fur on them; they just like your scent. Honest.

You Give Your Cat Food

cat-foodProviding your cat with a well-balanced diet makes them healthy and happy. Plus, it will also win their hearts. They say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach; the same might be said about felines. 

The ritual of providing dinner to your furry companion is something cats look forward to. They are creatures of habit and can be rather picky about what they put in their stomachs.

If you’re receptive to their desire for particular foods (and treats), the more love they will likely give. But, make sure not to switch up their food all at once. 

Most cats have a tendency to need slow transitions if their food is changing.

For example, going from wet food to dry food or swapping brands, in general, can cause potential stomach upset. This is because your cat had gotten used to the original kibble.

Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about food choices. Hard, dry food appears to be best for teeth health. Wet food has additional oils that help with your cat’s skin and coat.

A mixture of the two (if your cat approves) may be the best choice. 

Your Cat Thinks You’re Comfortable

Cats may not be as vocal about their affection toward their people, but they have other ways of showing approval.

They show it often through purring, head-butting, rubbing against you, and sleeping on your head. The warmth of your body is often calming. 

Your presence provides the kitties with peace of mind. Cats in the wild will sleep close together for protection and warmth.

The same is true about you: They trust you. You can protect them, and they know it. 

Cats that are well-fed and all-around appreciated are far more likely to have a strong attachment to you. If cats walk up to you even when you’re unfamiliar, it may be that animal magnetism. 

Or it might simply be that you smell like a cat and are, therefore, friendly. Cats seem just to know a cat person.

You Provide Your Cat With Naptime Opportunities


Cats sleep a lot. Most of their day is spent lounging around, up to 12 to 16 hours a day. While they may appear lazy, they are nocturnal and need that energy to do zoomies at night. 

If you disrupt their sleep during the day, they might not be so happy with you. So unless you’re worried about them sleeping more than usual, let a sleeping cat lie. 

However, a lot of cats don’t mind if you wake them for play or food. They’re as individual as people in that respect. 

Providing a comfy place to sleep is another way a cat will appreciate you. Allowing them on furniture and not spraying them with water is also very helpful. Some cats prefer smaller spaces such as covered cat beds or boxes. 

Others will make themselves at home on your bed, chair, sofa, or anywhere else they please. 

You Provide Playtime For Your Cat

Have you ever noticed how your cat jumps at you sometimes? Or how they swat at loose laces on your shoes as you walk by? Cats love to be played with. 

Providing daily playtime is vital (and healthy) for your pet. Younger cats are more playful by nature, but adults and seniors also enjoy it.

Playing 15 to 20 minutes at a time twice a day, keeps them active, happier, and healthier. 

Finding the right toys can be tricky. Some cats love catnip, while others do not react to it at all. Many cats enjoy yarn, sticks with string and balls (or worms), electronic mice to chase, or even your hands.

But be careful turning your hands into toys; your cat will think it’s okay to swat and pounce on them.

You can initiate play by ducking behind a wall or chair or tossing out a loose end of the yarn. Most cats love to play, so taking advantage of this fact will make them that much more attracted to you.

Related Questions

Why do cats bite me?

cat-biteIn short, cats nip their people to show affection. Also known as “love bites,” allogrooming is a behavior to increase bonding. Sometimes they hurt, but the intention is generally to show the cat cares. 

It is okay to discourage this behavior with a gentle “no” and “stay still.” 

If you move, their instinct is to scratch or bite harder. If you stay still, they will most likely cease. Just don’t move your hand to their tummy, or the claws will probably come out. 

In other cases, cats bite as a defense mechanism powered by instinct. If the love bites continue to be annoying, increasing playtime with toys may help curb that behavior. 

Why do cats “loaf”?

Cats knead, they loaf around the house, AND they loaf themselves? Bread jokes aside, there’s nothing cuter than a cat with their paws tucked under its bellies.

There are a dozen memes, articles, and images of our feline companions like this.

But why? Cats loaf because they are happy and safe. A fully “loafed” cat (all paws underneath) is very content. 

They don’t feel a need to run off and attack, or they’re simply conserving heat. Either way, they’re chill and clearly like being in your home and with you.

Why do cats love boxes?

Felines are ambush predators. A box is a perfect little cave that your cat can use to hide in and pounce upon its prey. It is rather amusing to see them in a box; it can provide shelter and keep them safe. 

Boxes are also fun to explore (and attack a passerby while inside). We all know how curious cats can be. Bonus: a cardboard box is perfect for a scratching post. 

Cats also enjoy the texture of cardboard (much like human toddlers love playing with cardboard). Boxes provide an interesting sensation when bitten into as well as scratched.

When a cat is playing, a box is an excellent choice for hide-and-seek. Next time your Amazon package arrives, keep your kitty in mind. They’ll love you even more for it. 

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