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Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle In The Morning? (Find Out Now!)

Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle In The Morning? (Find Out Now!)

Cats can sleep for long hours during the day, often topping 16 hours of sleep in 24 hours.

While cats usually sleep during the day and much of the nighttime hours, they typically get a burst of energy around the evening and in the morning.

cat-cuddleCats like to cuddle in the morning because they are crepuscular animals. With active hours during dawn and dust, your cat seeks your attention in the morning by cuddling.

Your cat’s cuddles could indicate your cat wants attention, warmth, or food.

Understanding why your cat comes into your room in the morning and seeks cuddles can help prevent your cat from waking you up every morning.

Investing in an automatic feeder or new toys to entertain your cat may help.

Further, changing your pet’s feeding schedule could help reduce the number of times your cat comes into your room in the morning.

cat-groomingIf your cat wants cuddles because it is lonely or wants affection, adding a second cat as a playmate may help keep it happy and occupied during waking hours.

A second cat can also help keep your cat well-exercised and tired at night.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up?

cat-wake-me-upYour cat most likely wakes you in the morning because of its natural sleep patterns. Cats generally need about 16 hours of sleep daily to stay happy and healthy.

Cats are naturally crepuscular instead of nocturnal or diurnal, like other animals.

Most of their sleeping hours occur during the day, but cats are wide awake during the dusk and dawn hours, which, unfortunately, means being active early in the morning and waking you up.

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There could be several reasons why your cat wants attention in the morning. It could simply be searching for a warm body to snuggle with or wanting something more.

Cats show affection through touch and play; your cat could be craving attention. Further, your cat may want food, a treat, or a simple acknowledgment that you are home.

Morning cuddles with your cat are the perfect way for your cat to interact with you.

What is Crepuscular?

Crepuscular is a term that describes the sleeping pattern and activity patterns of animals. When an animal is crepuscular, it is most active and awake during dawn and dusk.

These animals may sleep during the night and the daylight hours. Although cats may sleep for long hours during the day, they get an energy boost in the morning.

cat-seeking-attentionOften, a cat seeking attention when its energy stores are at their highest is likely to cuddle with you in the morning.

Could My Cat Be Hungry?

Your cat could be seeking cuddles in the morning to get your attention. Because your cat is wide awake, it could be hungry in the morning.

If your cat seeks cuddle time with you in the morning, waking you up may indicate that it is simply looking for a meal or a quick treat to keep it happy.

Could My Cat Want Warmth?

cat-seeking-warmthCats are heat-seeking animals and will go out of their way to track down any warmth, including cuddling up with you in bed in the morning.

Your cat is awake during the morning because of natural sleep patterns and may be seeking attention.

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A human snuggled into warm blankets is an ideal target for your cat looking to get warm. Cats that cuddle in the morning could find an easy way to relax and get comfortable while preparing for their daylight nap time.

Does My Cat Need a Friend?

cat-seeking-friendFor the most part, cats can entertain themselves with new toys or watch the birds outside.

However, cats enjoy human attention and interaction and crave social interaction throughout the day. During the night, while you are asleep, cats can become lonely and bored.

Visiting their human in the morning is a great way to restore the bond between owner and cat and give your cat some much-needed companionship.

Your cat may be extra affectionate and cuddly in the morning simply because it missed you while sleeping. Your cat could be looking to spend some quality time together and get some pets in the process.

If your cat is excessively needy in the morning, consider getting a playmate and a second cat for your current cat to spend time with.

Of course, before introducing a second cat into your household, you should practice safe and approved introduction techniques. Not every cat enjoys having a playmate to share its home with.

Why Is My Cat Purring at Me in the Morning?

cat-purringIn addition to morning cuddles, your cat may also sit next to you and purr. Cats can know when their owners only have light sleep cycles, like early morning hours.

The cat may also be able to detect tiny movements as you start to wake. A mother cat will often purr to her kittens as a means of helping them fall and stay asleep.

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Your cat may sense that you are almost awake and could purr to help soothe you and put you into a deeper sleep.

Morning cuddles, in addition to purring, are a way to know your cat is bonded to you and wants you to be comfortable.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Waking Me?

Unfortunately, cats that come into your bed in the morning for cuddle time can inadvertently wake you from your nightly slumber.

If you struggle with an overly affectionate cat in the morning, there may be ways to help. Some tried and proper methods to prevent your cat from waking you up in the morning include:

  • Exercise At Night – Try to exercise your cat at night with some interactive playtime. Be sure to get your cat running, jumping, and pouncing. If you successfully tire your cat through exercise, it will be less likely to have energy in the morning. Plus, your cat will have already received its attention and time with its owner, making it less likely to look for cuddles in the morning.
  • Automatic Feeder – Your cat could be cuddling with you in the morning in an attempt to get a quick meal. Seeking cuddles in the morning could be a way to get their owner up and out of bed. Try investing in an automatic cat feeder. These machines are an easy way to provide limited but continual food for your cat, avoiding an early morning wake-up.
  • Add Toys – Most cats will play the most at twilight, right before it darkens. Your cat could be seeking your attention in the morning because it has run out of activities during the night. Be sure to provide your cat with plenty of play toys to keep it occupied. Cats like new challenges and toys that make them think, so be sure to keep your cat both mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Change Feeding Routines – Your cat could be looking for a meal, waking you up early in the morning. To keep your cat healthy and happy, you may want to consider changing your cat’s feeding schedule. If you usually feed your cat in the morning, it could be hungry by dawn. Try switching your cat’s feeding time to the evening, so it is still packed in the morning, reducing early morning cuddles.
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Related Questions

Do cats choose a favorite person?

It may seem like your pet cat favors one person over another in your house. But the truth is that every cat is different.

While some cats may prefer just one person to snuggle with, especially in the morning, other cats are equal opportunists, happy to find a lap to take a good catnap.

If you are looking for a cat that enjoys the company of everyone in the family, certain breeds, like Ragdoll cats, are more likely to be social, interactive cats with all family members.

How can I turn my cat into a lap cat?

There is nothing better than having a warm cat sitting in your lap. Unfortunately, not every cat is a lap cat, although it may be possible to train your cat to accept your lap as a suitable nap location.

First, you’ll want to ensure the ringer/vibrator on your cellular phone is turned off. This noise could startle the cat, making them unwilling to join you.

Next, wait for your cat to come to you with soothing, comforting tones. It may help to put a soft blanket near your lap to entice your cat.

Once your cat visits your lap, provide plenty of positive reinforcement through treats, reassurance, and pets to encourage your cat to see your lap more often.

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