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13 Dog Breeds That Start With ‘W’ (With Photos)

13 Dog Breeds That Start With ‘W’ (With Photos)

When debating on welcoming a furry, or not furry, canine friend into your home, it’s best to research the breeds.

With hundreds of registered dog breeds in the world, it can be an overwhelming task to pour through the breeds to find out what is the best fit for your home.

So, we’ve decided to share some breeds that start with the letter ‘W’ to keep this organized.

The breeds in this article that start with ‘W’ include the following:

  1. Weimaraner
  2. Weimardoodle
  3. Welsh Springer Spaniel
  4. Welsh Terrier
  5. West Highland White Terrier
  6. Westiepoo
  7. Wetterhoun
  8. Whoodle
  9. Wire Chiwoxy
  10. Wire Fox Terrier
  11. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
  12. Wirehaired Vizsla
  13. Woodle

In this article, we will talk about the 13 different dog breeds and give you some brief insight into their history, behaviors, and talents.

Then, you can decide which one you want to research even more to provide you with an idea of what you’re looking for in a canine companion.

1. Weimaraner

Weimaraners have a highly recognized and unmistakable appearance thanks to their silvery-gray fur, which is both attractive and easy to groom. They grow to be between 23 and 27 inches tall and are powerful animals.

The Weimaraner is a dog who enjoys getting up close and personal. They adore being close to you—always within stroking distance—and have a strong desire to be with you whether you’re at home or out hunting.

They’re also extremely intelligent canines, commonly referred to as “dogs with human brains” due to their ability to think independently.

Monitoring, instruction, and plenty of activity are all necessary for a Weimaraner’s intelligence to be harnessed for good.

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Weims want to serve you, but they may have various definitions of what it takes to be a good dog than you do. Be nice to them because they are emotional, and be persistent with your commands.

2. Weimardoodle

The Weimardoodle is one of those dogs that will win your heart with its lovable demeanor. They are also known as Weimaranderdoodle, Weimarpoo, and Weimaranderpoo.

These puppies are anxious to love and interact with you and your family.

However, if you do not have the time to offer your pet the love and attention he craves, he may become destructive, restless, and depressed.

Weimardoodles are recognized for being affectionate and intelligent. You can often determine what your dog is attempting to tell you by looking at his behavior, gestures, and facial expressions.

Considering their friendliness, these dogs will be hesitant around newcomers. And they won’t hesitate to tell you if something isn’t quite right.

Anything that makes your Weimardoodle uncomfortable will be brought to your attention.

3. Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh springer spaniel is a kind, loyal creature that is not as outgoing as the English springer. He is cautious and quiet with strangers, and expressions of love are limited to his immediate family.

His demeanor is relatively calm, and he is considered to be good with kids despite his energy.

The Welsh springer spaniel is noted for his loyalty and dedication within his own family.

This dog, according to the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, has to be with his person each moment he is at home. Springers accompany their humans wherever they are, including the restroom.

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The Welsh springer spaniel’s reserve with persons outside the family, on the other hand, necessitates socialization.

Introducing the Welsh springer to as many new faces, situations, and experiences as possible, especially while he is a baby, can help him avoid being too fearful.

4. Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier, which weighs between 20 and 22 pounds, is an individualistic and headstrong breed. As a puppy, he is super cute, so he seems to understand when to use his sweetness to get what he wants.

However, what is adorable in a ball of fur you can hold in your palm becomes a tyrant in an adult dog, so don’t pamper your little sweetheart.

However, despite his boldness and confidence, the Welsh Terrier needs compassion and a soft touch in training, or he will become protective and begin to ignore you.

Like practically all terriers, a bored Welsh Terrier will find his entertainment, which includes barking while chasing little, hairy critters and digging to the core of the planet.

5. West Highland White Terrier

Westies are pleasant and joyful dogs with lively personality that appeals to all (except small rodents), particularly when they cock their head to the side and observe you.

These amiable and clever puppies make lovely companions to any household, even if they live in an apartment. Just ensure you will provide them with enough exercise and plenty of chances to play.

Rather than chasing rodents, the Westie’s natural urge to work is now focused on agility and obedience events. He’s also a service animal, and a couple of Westies have even enlisted search-and-rescue organizations.

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He’s also recognized for participating in earth dog trials, stalking, and flyball competitions. You can direct all of his energies into one or more of these projects.

6. Westiepoo

The Westiepoo is one of the most popular designer dog breeds for a reason: it’s a cuddly, lovely canine with a wonderful temperament.

This strong small mix is a joyful, family-oriented dog who enjoys being in the company of people and gets along well with domesticated animals and older children.

He’s a wonderful companion dog, and his short frame and low shedding make him ideal for apartment dwellers.

To put it another way, this is a dog that will easily fit into practically any household. What makes this dog so popular? It’s all thanks to the unique ancestry of this adored canine.

The Westiepoo is a cheerful, interested, and affectionate tiny dog that wants human company and easily bonds with people.

Because of his naturally affable personality, he gets along well with children and other pets.

7. Wetterhoun

The name of this breed, ‘Wetterhoun,’ is taken from the Dutch language for ‘water dog.’ Apart from his home Netherlands, this unique variety is scarcely recognized, and even there, he isn’t common.

Despite his uniqueness, the Wetterhoun has a long and glorious history dating back over 400 years, and he needs to be world-famous.

The Wetterhoun is a working dog that can be characterized as a mix of a gun dog and a security dog.

He also has a great personality, making him an ideal family dog for those who live on a smallholding and can provide him with the necessary activity.

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This breed also possesses the potential to take on a job until it is completed. If he’s looking for a toy, he’ll look for hours and hours until he locates his toy or leaves the place physically.

He enjoys playing, and it is nearly always the people that wear out first.

8. Whoodle

The Whoodle is a combination of both the Standard Poodle and the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Because the Poodle is available in three sizes (toy, miniature, and standard), the Whoodle is available in three dimensions as well, the same sizes, to be exact.

The Whoodle combines the temperament qualities of the Poodle and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in a single dog. These dogs are often amiable and playful, and they get along well with children.

Whoodles are lively and joyful critters that require a lot of physical activity and vigorous fun.

This is not the pet for people who can’t deal with a hyperactive pooch. If you are not prepared, they will wear you down.

Furthermore, because these dogs are bright, they require constant motivation to avoid boredom and the development of undesirable behaviors.

They are fantastic companions and family members since they adore humans and children.

9. Wire Chiwoxy

Another canine with a shady past is the Wire-Fox Terrier. Some claim the breed originated in Durham, Wales, and Derbyshire, while others claim it originated in England.

What is documented is that in the 1800s, these dogs were mainly utilized for hunting vermin and foxes. They were originally mistaken for Smooth-Fox Terriers and weren’t separated from them until 1984.

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Chiwoxys are miniature dogs that come in various hues, including fawn, black, brown, white, and red. The texture of their coats is wiry and corded, and the length can range from short to lengthy.

They possess large, sharp eyes that complement their strong character and are brown or amber.

10. Wire Fox Terrier

Fox Terriers are canine legends that have not evolved much since their introduction in the late 1800s.

There are two kinds of them: Smooth Fox Terriers are clean, graceful, and clever, whereas Wire Fox Terriers, when maintained properly, are gorgeous, pleasant, and relatively sophisticated.

Fox Terriers, or Foxys for short, are gregarious, lively, and curious dogs with a can-do approach. They are fully immersed in the present moment, appreciating everything that is going on around them.

Fox Terriers may get into a lot of shenanigans thanks to their extroverted, confident nature, including devouring the dining table and escaping out of the backyard.

They enjoy playing with toys and balls, and many of them enjoy swimming.

While Fox Terrier babies are impossible to ignore, keep in mind that as they grow older, they will require a considerable amount of attention and entertainment to stay out of mischief.

They are energetic and a lifetime companion f you can remain a step or two ahead of them.

11. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Originally used for hunting, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon would recover, point, and flush hares, waterfowl, and game birds.

She’s been dubbed the “ultimate gundog” and continues to serve in this manner.

Not to mention that she is also an excellent family companion who enjoys all types of work. Agility, tracking, and obedience have all proven to be successful for Griffons.

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She’ll probably have a great personality that will make everyone laugh, and she won’t lose it as she gets older.

Although some Griffons have been known to be apprehensive about strangers, she’s likely to be affectionate and welcoming of just about everyone.

A variety of factors influence temperament, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with good character are interested and lively, and they enjoy approaching people and being held.

Choose a puppy amid the pack, rather than one who is abusing his littermates or hiding in the corner.

12. Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla is most renowned for being an effective hunting dog, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also be a great family companion if he is adopted by an active family who will provide him with the training, activity, and attention he loves.

This is a competent dog that can engage in a broad range of activities.

He can be found not only in the wild, catching fur or feathers and even teaming up with a falcon, but also in speed or obedience rings, stalking or dock diving, and providing pleasure to others as a service animal.

The Wirehaired Vizsla, when properly socialized and trained, is usually gentle with youngsters. He’ll probably know how to interact with dogs and cats, particularly if he’s been socialized with them.

This is a dog who appreciates utilizing both his thoughts and body to help people.

Choose him only if you are able to provide him with the attention and interaction he needs; otherwise, you will have a bored, unhappy, and destructive dog.

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13. Woodle

The excellent traits of both of its parent lines are combined in the Woodle. Wales gave birth to the Wel. The first written description of the breed dates from 1450.

He was a blood relative of the Tan and Black Rough Terrier.

During both the 1700s and 1800s, the breed rose in popularity across the United Kingdom. Dogs were frequently used to catch foxes, badgers, and otters.

The Welsh Terrier is recognized for his incredible bravery. The breed is easily able to go to the ground and hunt vigorously.

The Woodle is a clever creature. He picks up tricks quickly and is always happy to serve his master. Positive reinforcement and the use of treats can help you train him quickly.

He is peaceful and content to sit on his owner’s lap for some snuggling time, unlike many other dog breeds.

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