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Do Maine Coon Cats Shed? (Find Out Now!)

Do Maine Coon Cats Shed? (Find Out Now!)

Maine Coon Cats are distinguished by their magnificent long hair and bushy tails. Owners and cat lovers who want to brush and admire these lovely cats will find them attractive because of these characteristics.

However, the topic of whether Maine Coon Cats shed fur remains unanswered. Will your carpets and furnishings suffer as a result of owning such a prestigious cat breed?

Maine-Coon-CatMaine Coon cats, like many other cat breeds, shed their fur. They frequently wear long, luxurious fur coat.

This requires grooming your cat as a top priority on your to-do list. This will keep your cat from having hairballs or matted fur that might be harmful to the cat’s health.

Many cat breeds shed fur or hair onto their owners’ carpets all around the world. This isn’t only a problem with Maine Coons.

It is up to the owners to keep their pets in good shape. To limit the impact of any cat shedding, you must take the necessary precautions at home.

Shedding And Maine Coon Cats

fur-coated-catBecause they have such lovely long fur coat, Maine Coon Cats are known for shedding a lot of fur around the house, particularly in locations where they prefer to sleep and go on adventures.

It’s a little price to pay as a cat owner to have such a lovely friend wandering about your home. Shedding is common in Maine Coons and other cat breeds, and you should be aware of it before adopting one.

Maine Coons shed their fur naturally as part of their shedding cycles. This varies considerably based on the habitat or living conditions of Maine Coons.

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How Often Do Maine Coons Shed?

Maine-Coon-shedIt’s far more usual for many cats to shed equally throughout the year if you keep your home warm or live in a warmer climate.

Maine Coons, on the other hand, will often shed the majority of their fur during the summer months.

If your Maine Coon is a house cat, it will shed more hair or fur than cats who are let in and out of the home on average.

This is because they don’t need a heavy winter coat and lose most of their fur outside when roaming.

If you have tiled or wood flooring in your house, you’ll notice that your cats shed hair that gathers around the room’s boundaries.

This is usually much simpler to clean than carpeted flooring, which contains hair that isn’t equally distributed or is frequently heaped in areas where your Maine Coon Cat spends most of its time.

Excessive Shedding In Cats

Maine- Coon-CatsMaine Coon Cats, on the whole, are very good at maintaining their own grooming routine. They like sitting and licking their fur to self-pluck and clean problem areas.

However, you may notice that your cat is shedding a lot more fur than usual or that bald spots have developed due to self-grooming.

If you find your Maine Coon is shedding more than usual or expected, investigate the following factors that might be causing your cat to shed excessively.

Your Cat May Be Stressed

Your cat may have been stressed in some situations, which is not always simple to identify. It’s crucial to keep track of any changes in your cat’s habitat or house that might be the source of the problem.

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A frequent cause may be the introduction of a new home pet, the birth of a child, or the purchase of new household goods such as vacuum cleaners.

May Have A Flea Issue

Maine-coon-sheddingYour Maine Coon cat may be shedding excessively as a result of flea bites or irritation on the skin. Fortunately, flea treatment, which your veterinarian may offer, can eliminate the problem quickly and safely.

If you believe your Maine Coon has fleas, check for signs as soon as possible by combing the fur back to show the skin.

You may be able to see them sometimes, but most of the time, you may notice redness, markings, or discomfort on your skin.

In any case, maintaining a monthly flea treatment program is strongly advised. Fleas are especially attracted to the luxurious fur of outdoor Maine Coon cats.

Thus, you must pay close attention to your cat’s grooming and scratching behaviors.

Hormone Imbalance Or Illness Could Be The Issue

If you suspect your Maine Coon Cat is shedding due to illness or hormonal imbalance, we strongly advise you to schedule a health checkup with your veterinarian.

Certain illnesses might cause your cat to act out of character, such as excessive grooming or plucking off patches of hair, resulting in bald areas.

In this case, it’s always a good idea to have your Maine Coon examined by a trained veterinarian for any signs of disease or hormone abnormalities that might be the source of your Maine Coon’s hair loss.

Reassess The Diet

pet-Maine-Coon-catsA Maine Coon on a bad diet may begin to lose hair and fur more often onto carpets.

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This is frequently due to the owner underfeeding their cat because they were accustomed to feeding them specific portion amounts as a kitten or younger cat.

Shedding can happen if your Maine Coon isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to repair and replace its fur coat on a daily basis.

It’s always a good idea to seek high-quality meals that are tailored to your cat’s breed, size, and age. Many pet food companies now provide food and kibble tailored to the age of most cat breeds.

How To Keep The Fur On Your Maine Coons Clean

Maine-Coon-Cat-lickingSome Maine Coon owners try to keep their cats from shedding by giving them a wash to remove loose fur or debris.

This is usually only done when absolutely necessary, and they soak and wash the fur using pet-friendly shampoo in warm water (not hot or cold).

While some Maine Coon cats enjoy being near or in water, others do not. When you try to bathe your cat, it’s always a different scenario, with the majority of them expressing a great disdain for the job.

If your Maine Coon defies bathing when it’s necessary, there are alternative solutions. Special cat-friendly wipes can be used to remove dirt from your cat gently.

Some of these wipes are scented, but we prefer non-scented ones since we are concerned that scented wipes may cause our two cats to become alarmed or distressed.

Bathe Or Wash Your Cat Only When Required

Bathing or washing your cat’s fur to avoid shedding might destroy natural oils that protect the fur and skin, therefore, it should only be done when required.

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If your Maine Coon’s coat is very matted or unclean, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a professional cat groomer who will both remove the problem areas of fur and wash your Maine Coon’s coat.

Prevent Maine Coon Fur Around The Home

clean-catTo prevent your Maine Coon from losing fur around the house, use some of the advice given above. To try to avoid the spread of hair or fur around the house, consider some of the following suggestions:

Have Your Cats Sleep In Their Own Bed

Ascertain, they have places in your house where they may unwind in solitude and are not constantly disturbed by your everyday activities.

Keep note of your cat’s sleeping and playing patterns — where do they happen in the house?

Use A Lint Roller

In addition to the aforementioned suggestions, we recommend keeping a large supply of lint rollers on hand since they allow you to deal with hair on carpets or furniture as it arises.

Of course, you’ll never be able to completely manage your cat’s behaviors or the areas of the house where it prefers to wander or sleep. You can, however, make sure you have the proper cleaning supplies on hand.

Related Questions

Do Maine Coon cats have silky fur?

The Maine Coon breed is known for requiring daily brushing even though their fur doesn’t matt easily. These cats are known for having silky smooth fur, which makes it hard for them to develop knots in their hair.

both layers, the bottom and topcoat are silky but you should still brush your cat to keep their fur and skin the healthiest possible.

A Maine Coon will have slightly long fur that looks pretty shaggy. Their tails are also covered in shaggy fur, and it’s rather thick.

Their fur is shiny and soft as well. Many of them are striped instead of one solid color. You’ll notice that their fur is super thick, as this was meant to ward off the cold winters in New England.

Why do Maine Coons have so much fur?

Maine Coons originated from Maine, where they are known to have survived harsh weather during the winter months.

Their coats are meant to keep them warm and protect them from the elements.

They have two undercoats and one topcoat. Their fur grows around their neck too, for the protection against snow and wind.

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