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Do Cockapoos Shed? (Yes They Do, Find Out More!)

Do Cockapoos Shed? (Yes They Do, Find Out More!)

Cockapoos are popular for their hypoallergenic nature and are loved among individuals who are allergic to pet dander as well as those who have asthma.

But, there’s a misconception that just because they are hypoallergenic, it means they don’t shed. Cockapoos shed, although they shed at a way lesser rate than other breeds.

The curls in their fur also help trap some of the dead fur that’s falling out so that it doesn’t land all around the furniture and your home. However, it’s still a good idea to brush them.

This article will talk about the shedding habits of Cockapoos so that you have an idea of what to expect when adopting one.

Most people are surprised when they learn that Cockapoos really do shed. But we’ll tell you just how much, so stick around.

Do Cockapoos Shed?

cockapoo-on-streetThe Cockapoo mixed breed may be an endearing and fun-loving addition to your home if you want a cute, lively canine friend. Will a Cockapoo, on the other hand, bring a lot of hair into your home?

We’ll go through Cockapoo shedding in great depth in this article. We’ll discuss, how much Cockapoos shed? Why they shed?

How to manage their grooming to keep your house free of fur, dander, and allergies?

But first, let’s go over some Cockapoo genetics and coat types.

Genetics In Cockapoos

So you’re interested in finding out more about Cockapoo shedding? Understanding the Cockapoo breed is the first step. Cockapoos are a crossbreed made up of American Cocker Spaniel and Poodle DNA.

Cockapoo Coats: What You Should Know

cockapoo-coatsCockapoos’ coats can vary greatly depending on the features they receive as a mixed breed. Cockapoos have straight coats in some situations. When the Cocker Spaniel genes are expressed, this occurs.

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They have wavy or curly coats in certain cases. When the Poodle genes are more prevalent, this can happen. Grooming demands vary on the texture of the coat.

Cockapoos with reasonably straight coats require minimal care. You should be OK if you brush their coats several times a week and wash them once every couple of months.

If your Cockapoo has wavy or curly hair, it’ll need to be brushed more frequently to avoid matting. On the plus side, he may shed less overall.

Cockapoo Coats From Different Generations

cockapoo-puppyAnother thing to keep in mind when it comes to Cockapoo coats and heredity is that your dog’s generation matters.

A “first-generation Cockapoo” is a crossbred dog made up of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. A second-generation Cockapoo is a dog that was bred by two first-generation Cockapoos.

Cockapoos may breed indefinitely, generating generations that are increasingly different from the original Spaniels and Poodles.

In general, predicting the coat type of a first-generation Cockapoo is difficult. With a multi-generational Cockapoo, it can be simpler to predict the coat type, especially by the fourth or fifth generation.

Which Type Of Cockapoo Sheds The Least?

Cockapoos from several generations also shed less than first-generation Cockapoos. But do you mind if I tell you the truth?

There are no certainties even if you go back several generations. So, it is essential to be prepared for some degree of uncertainty while going via a breeder.

Having said that, we strongly advise you to explore adoption. When you adopt a Cockapoo, you’ll already know what kind of coat to expect, plus you’ll be helping a dog in need.

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How Often Do Cockapoos Shed?

cockapoo-shedsThe good news is as follows: Cockapoos are modest shedders on average. They do, however, shed on a regular basis, just like all other dogs.

What Causes Cockapoos to Shed?

Cockapoos shed more at different times of the year.

Here are some possible causes for your Cockapoo’s excessive shedding:

Cockapoos blow their coats seasonally when the temperature heats up.

Their bulky winter coats would be too warm for them in the summer if they didn’t do this. This is a characteristic shared by several canine breeds.

Your Cockapoo will molt his puppy coat at the age of eight months if he is still a puppy. It will be replaced by an adult coat. Your dog may shed more than normal due to infections or parasites.

During your regular grooming appointments, you may check for both. Flaking and shedding are more likely in the skin that has become dry and inflamed.

When dogs are physically or emotionally stressed, they may sweat more. As a result, paying attention to your pet’s general health might assist to avoid excessive shedding.

Are Cockapoos A Hypoallergenic Breed?

cockapoo-hypoallergenicYou now know that Cockapoos are low shedders, which is fantastic. Are they, however, hypoallergenic? No, is the short answer. But here’s the thing: every other dog breed is the same way.

It’s a misconception that some dogs are “hypoallergenic.” Because every dog loses hair and dander, any dog might trigger allergic responses.

“‘Hypoallergenic’ dog breeds are commonly characterized as those that either don’t shed or are hairless,” according to the American Kennel Club.

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What Is A Hypoallergenic Dog?

Breeds once considered to be “hypoallergenic” are really breeds or varieties of dogs with less shedding or whose hair (or lack of hair) has a lower chance of causing an allergic response due to the coat type.

Cockapoos shed less than many other dog breeds, making them an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers.

“Although no breed is completely allergy-free,” VCA Hospitals adds, “the Cockapoo may cause fewer allergies in individuals than other breeds.”

So, what’s this? Although this mixed breed isn’t officially hypoallergenic, it’s a close second.

Cockapoo Shedding: How To Handle It

cockapoo-petFur from my Cockapoo on the floor. The texture is smooth and silky, as it is with most Cockapoos.

By controlling your Cockapoo’s coat, you can reduce allergy problems. Do you want to learn how? Let’s go through a few basic suggestions.

Nutritional Supplements and Diet

The foundation of a healthy coat is a good diet. What does this hybrid breed require in terms of nutrition?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), wet meals, and dry foods are among the options suggested by the club.

In such situations, the club advises that you look for companies that employ natural, healthy components.

Your dog will look and feel better if he eats a well-balanced, natural diet. The end product should be a glossy, complete coat.

A word of caution: Cockapoos are prone to gaining weight quickly. As a result, make sure your dog isn’t overeating while getting enough nutritious food.

Bathe Your Dog

As previously said, you should bathe your Cockapoo once every couple of months. Some individuals do it more frequently since it aids brushing.

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What Shampoo Should You Use?


We suggest using an oatmeal-based shampoo, such as this one. Oatmeal is great for itchy or dry skin, and it can also help avoid some problems in the future.

This is beneficial from a hypoallergenic viewpoint since it implies less flaking. Aloe, cucumber, and melon are also included in this shampoo. As a result, it has a fresh, clean fragrance.

Trimming And Brushing

The Cockapoo Club has extensive grooming guidelines for this breed. “Leave all hair naturally long (recommended) or scissor coat at least 2 inches long,” the club advises.

Hair on the top of the nose and under the eyes should be trimmed to make the eyes and mustache more apparent.

Allow the goatee to grow to its maximum length. Topknot hair with a scissor just enough to keep it out of your eyes. Shaving around the genitals, rectum, and belly helps to keep things clean.

Shave under the pads of the feet, but not so much that they resemble Poodle feet. “Leave the tail natural and full.”

This is only “one” method of grooming a Cockapoo, not the only one. A Cockapoo’s hair may be trimmed and styled in a variety of ways.

Having said that, the advice to take extra care around the nose, eyes, and genitals are universal. You should also trim the area around the mouth with care.

Make sure you clean your ears and trim your toenails on a regular basis.

A Slicker Brush Will Help

cockapoo-groomingA slicker brush is a useful grooming item that you should not be without. The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush comes highly recommended.

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This brush can help you untangle and eliminate mats from your pet’s coat. It also performs an excellent job of removing dander and dirt.

What I like best about this brush is how simple it is to clean. It has the specific purpose of eliminating hair and dander, as the name implies.

When you press a button, the bristles retract, allowing you to dispose of the hair and dander.

What if you run against exceptionally obstinate mats? In certain situations, removing them with scissors and then brushing them again is the best option.

After you’ve finished brushing the coat, trim it using a clipper. After you’ve finished cutting, run over the fur with your slicker one more and then comb it out. Any uneven areas can be removed with shears or a razor.

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